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Skin Rash
I went in the summer of 2011 with my 6 years old nephew to Alton Park.  We had 5 hours enjoyment. I started to feel a very painful, burning sensation in my inner legs, towards the ankles. I did not gave importance of the burning: I was wearing long jeans and I did not bother to see what is happening and thanks God that I did that. When we arrived at home I saw to my shock that I have a awful red rash on both of legs. My family was very keen to support me with different advices and their conclusion was that I am undiagnosed diabetic and I need to go urgently to the doctor.

The next day I went to the GP, he look concerned, he did not tell me the diagnosis and he gave me some steroid cream. However, I took the cream just in case, from the pharmacist and went home and decided to try tapping instead of using the cream.

© Maria Cocis 2001

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I tapped twice per day, morning and evening, mainly saying “this burning rash”, “the skin will clear”, “my body knows how to heal its self”. On the second day the burning went more intense but after that started to diminish. I took everyday pictures so I can look if it is improving or not. In 7 days the rash cleared out. Searching on Internet I found that my rash is developing after visits in Disney Land, Florida, which makes possible that a chemical used in the leisure parks gave me that rash in an UK leisure park. Three month later I did not have any problem or relapse and my skin is clear. My medical tube cream is still intact.  Why I did go to the GP if I knew that I will not use it? I done it because I like to have the Plan B if Plan A is not working (It is my life style). Could  my rash go on its own, without tapping? I can not answer to this question, because I could not tap only for one leg and keep the other one as a control group (that an idea for future research).  It is a good possibility that tapping made me calmer, stronger and more confident that my body can fight with the ailment and win, rather to be worried and over testing my blood to find what was wrong with me.

7 Days of tapping

Left Leg

Right Leg

Day 5

Day 7

Day 6

Day 1

Day 2

Day 4

Day 3

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