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Fibromyalgia relief

Hi Everyone,

Here is a brief example of fibromyalgia relief from Jo Godecke, a newcomer to EFT who applied the procedure to herself.

Hugs, Gary

Hi Gary,

I have had Fibromyalgia for a number of years and I've been trying to find something that would give me some consistent relief. I have tried many and varied options with little success. I have been having my therapy on a regular basis which helps a little but not as much as I would like. I attended a workshop run by Steve Wells and after doing EFT the very first time I noticed an improvement immediately in the sore spot on my chest. I was really blown away by this change so in the next week told everyone I came in contact with and how to do it !! An expert in a few days !!

My next visit to my therapy showed a reduction in my pain level from a 9 the week before EFT to a 2 on this day. Quite unbelievable but I'll gladly take all the improvement.

My therapist was ecstatic!! She knew all about EFT but had not been using it at all in her practise but she certainly is now!! So the workshop has been a huge boon to all of us. I had also shown the technique to my mother who is 78 and she has used it every day since in helping her to sleep. She has slept soundly all night ever since.

So thank you for the chance to be free of pain and discomfort for some years and the great thing is that it is so simple and inexpensive!!


The case if taken from the EFT Gary’s Craig site: www.emofree.com with his approval but the case description is solely the responsibility of the writer of the case.

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