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Past Life Regression CD


Being induced into hypnotic trance is a gentle, relaxed process and is guided by my voice. There are no pendulums or bright lights. In the hypnotic state, you are by no means asleep, even though would appear to be. There is a heightened awareness, so you know everything that is happening around you, while still being able to recall very fine details of what you are seeing and hearing in your mind.

You will be guided to go in a past life that it is important to your actual life, which is influencing and affecting it. You will be ask to look around and find the important details about yourself in that life, dates, names,  countries, style of life, family and health. You will be ask to see if someone from that life is in your actual life with you and the most important question: what do you need to learn from that life and how your present life is affected by that life’s events.     


The majority of the clients regressed in another life from the first CD session.You need only a quiet relaxing space and an hour  to find essential information about yourself. I believe that you are owing yourself one hour! And I am telling you that after the first session you want to find about other lives you lived and how these lives influence you today. It is a brilliant tool in understanding better your destiny and how to change it.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Maria Cocis MSc, LCCH dip,


© Maria Cocis 2001


Past life regression MP3 format to download

Past life regression CD