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Between rounds of tapping on myself I had found time to research using EFT with kids and found Ann Adams article on 'Teaching kids to tap' inspirational in terms of how to explain the technique to kids (Phew!! Many thanks Ann!!!). This helped me explain what the session would involve to 'Ben' and his mother before she kindly left us to it.

'Ben' picked up the tapping technique incredibly quickly and was much more communicative than I had anticipated! He said he felt frightened that people (both strangers and those he knew) would hit or hurt him in some way and that he had felt like this since he was about 10 when something unpleasant had happened to him.

We tapped on...

'Even though I'm frightened that people will hurt or harm me, I'm a great kid' (which went from 8 out of 10 to zero with quite a few rounds - one of which he reckoned was 1.72 out of 10...my first decimal measurement!!).

I then asked him to consider what he would like to work on next and he said that the event that had triggered his fear. However, he happily noted that where he would have given this quite a high mark out of 10 at the start of the session it was now down to a 1 out of 10!!! Fantastic! We got it down to zero in only one round.

GC COMMENT: Nice work Nicola. Children often respond beautifully to EFT and 'Ben' appears to be no exception. However, with potentially serious traumas like these, it is good practice to keep in touch to see if any new aspects show up.

NICOLA CONTINUES: To finish off, I checked how convinced he was that the session had helped him get over his fear. A stonking 9.8 out of 10...which we got to a 10 out of 10 in one round using 'Even though I'm not totally convinced I've gotten over my fear, I'm a great kid'.

Another satisfied customer who I'm sure will use the technique for any future issues and even thought he could show his mum how to use it!!!

Thanks Gary

Nicola Smith
The case if taken from the EFT Gary’s Craig site: www.emofree.com with his approval but the case description is solely the responsibility of the writer of the case.

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Molested Boy: Shifting a life forever

Nicola Smith, from Scotland, shows how she diligently and successfully used EFT in behalf of a traumatized 10 year old boy. The imprint that a molestation can make on a 10 year old child is monumental and, unless it is neutralized, the child is likely to live his life in relative despair. Fortunately, we now have the tools to forever shift such a life in positive directions.

Hi Gary

I wanted to share my most recent EFT success with you and those who read the newsletter as it shows how fantastic the technique is not only for the client but the practitioner too!

A distressed mum called me to see if I could help her 14-year-old son, 'Ben' who she described as lethargic, quiet, withdrawn and very emotional. She was also worried because he wasn't eating very well, preferred solitary pursuits and had been like this for a little while. He had recently confided in her that he was 'terrified of everything' and she had apparently found out 1 year previously that at age 10 an older boy had molested him.

I knew EFT could help and agreed to a session but was a little nervous about exactly how to carry this out. Not only had I never done any previous work with children (and all my rehearsed explanations of EFT and how it worked were created with adult clients in mind) but also I had never knowingly had a client who'd experienced such a trauma.

EFT  for children

My first thought was....'get tapping for myself! which I did for...

'Even though I'm not sure what to do to help this client I'm a great therapist'

'Even though I'm terrified he won't communicate with me...'

'Even though I don't feel experienced enough to treat this client...'

'Even though I'm anxious about treating someone who has experienced such a trauma...'

I also felt it appropriate to carry out some surrogate tapping on 'Ben', which I did for...

'Even though I don't want to see a therapist and talk about my experiences, I'm a great kid'

'Even though I'm angry at my mum for making see a therapist...'

I was still tapping on myself when they arrived at my door for the session.