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How hypnosis can build self confidence

One of the most common use of hypnosis is confidence building. How do you get to the point where doing something scary just isn't scary any more?

In classical approach the method use is call desensitisation - you are repeatedly doing that thing until you can do it without fear. That’s a lengthy and painful sometimes process.  

Fear, or lack of confidence, is  about uncertainty, and once you have done something enough for the uncertainty to mostly disappear, the fear disappears too. However sometimes the fear is so big that you cannot even start to do what you wanted.

To give you an example - in my career I had few cases which had fear of driving. That fear was so big they did have no confidence even to start driving lessons. One of the hardies case was a young lady who was involved in a car accident. She was passenger and that experience marked her badly. In trance we went back to that experience and took every aspect of it and accepted and integrate in her experience and knowledge. Her unconscious mind understood differently now that experience. I put her to imaginary drive a car over and over with all her sensory experiences up until she felt no negative emotions related to driving. Now she was ready to take her driving lessons. And she passed it and drove every day passing through that place where the accident happened without any fear. After ten years talking with her she told me that she never had an accident and she was happy to drive.

Don’t ever think that you go in a trance and the hypnotist is telling you - now you can drive fiercely and that’s it,  because is not how its working. It is a complex process in which the hypnotist knows what she/he is doing, how the mind learned some lessons and how you can SAFELY undoing them. Hypnosis is giving you control of certain aspects that you are not having control at the moment whatever hard you try.