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Hypnosis and Past lives regressions

We all lived past lives. And all of us will live future ones. Our present life will influence and determine our future ones. This is karma, our journey toward immortality.

Past Life Regression can frequently provide answers to matters of importance to you, where other attempts to solve them have failed.
Some irrational behaviours, phobias, panic attacks are common problems that often got solve using past life regression.

Regression in time under hypnosis generally happens in one session. Some persons may need few regression sessions if the personal maters are more tangled - it varies from person to person. Some times the subjects need to learn first what means to visualize.

A Past Life Regression is an interesting experience even you are mainly simply curious and not looking for any special answers. It will often provide emotional knowledge and of course plenty of subjects for discussion with friends and family.

Each Past Life Regression lasts about an hour and the cost is detailed on the fees page. If you are far away of Basildon UK or you prefer to have your experience on your own I recommend to use my CD for regression in time. Click here if you are interest in this approach.  I am giving support if you want to share your experience.

To arrange a Past Life Regression appointment, or if it is anything else you would like to know, please do e-mail us at: info@prohypnosis.co.uk. You can also contact us at 07859897888.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Maria Cocis MSc, LCCH dip,

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