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5. Poison Ivy
Hi Everyone,

Nancy Bates gives us a quality lesson in being specific with EFT. Notice how nothing happened until she aimed EFT at specific features of the bite.

Hugs, Gary

By Nancy Bates


I wanted to send in my own EFT experience in response to one of your articles about the spider bite. One day in the summer I woke up with a bite on my thigh; swollen, red and itching. A newbie to EFT, I applied tapping for "this bite", "this itching", which provided only slight relief, even with doing the karate chop point too.

I worked on it during the day at work in the restroom.  I was a bit perplexed about why the redness was not responding to my tapping, so I focused only on that - "this redness". While I was looking at the bite and tapping, the redness completely drained out of the raised bump. It was incredible to me! The remaining bump was fluid-filled and I realized that it looked a lot like a poison ivy reaction (from past experience). So I tapped on "this poison ivy" and continued with the "itching" also, with immediate results again. I continued tapping during my breaks throughout the day and by the end of the day, the spot was gone.

For me, it was a significant lesson on the initial lack of response to the tapping, questioning why it wasn't "working", picking a specific detail (the redness) and then the insight as to what the 'bite' really was! I use this story to demonstrate those points when sharing EFT with others!

Thanks for the wonderful newsletter, I love it!

Nancy Bates

The case if taken from the EFT Gary’s Craig site: www.emofree.com with his approval but the case description is solely the responsibility of the writer of the case.

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