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2. Surrogate for dog snoring
Hi Everyone,

In her brief article, Lynda Stephens shows us how quickly we can sometimes provide EFT benefits for our pets.

Hugs, Gary

By Lynda Stephens

I've not seen an article about animal EFT, but wanted to share with you my story.  I have a miniature schnauzer who snored very loudly in a myriad of positions - on her side, on her belly. I decided to try EFT on her.

I tapped her crown, EB, SE, UE, UN, (she did not like that position) CH, CB, UA and back at her crown.  Well, you guessed it… she has quit snoring.  Two weeks later, she was still not snoring.  I fully expect to have to do it again to reinforce it, but I only did the sequence twice while saying, "No snoring."

Thanks, Gary, you are contributing to a better world.

Lynda Stephens

The case if taken from the EFT Gary’s Craig site: www.emofree.com with his approval but the case description is solely the responsibility of the writer of the case.

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