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arrived to me she was very unhappy with her body. I worked a lot with affirmations (like you suggested in som old emails) about having 57 kg now and being able to sustain it. And a lot of tail enders emerged, like: "I can't be prettier than my mother, I can't have a better body than her." "Lost for one , lost for one tousand chocolats ou candies, etc" (when she ate one she get so lost that she starts eating all she can find, because of this belief). "Something bad must happen always, better if is with my body, because this is under my contro.l" "If I get the desired body, I will be alone, mainly without my mother, and in some mesure without my family". "To be beautiful is to be apart, or far from my mother". "I am a bad person, I deserve something happen to me, to be less guilty." "If I have the body I want, my family will envy me and will reject me, mainly my mother". "If I have the body I want, I will fuck all men, without control." (Here she remembers she liked to be naked to exibit herself to her father when he was at home, and he used to look her with sensuality). Another: "If I have good shape I can't protect my mother from myself and my father." And "We worked with the buying compulsion. With affirmations and cleaning the tail enders. I did mostly EFT, but some BSFF, TAT, and even TFT for compulsion. And after 12 sessions twice a week, and a lot of homework (affirmations and tappings) she was completely out of compulsion. No malls ( her addiction) in her breaks. Eating in a way that "the food goes to the right place" (her expression). Doing healthy meals, etc. One key to the work was limits, bounderies. Affirmations like " I defend myself", and this was very important, because she started avoiding frustrations connected with incapacity of saying clearly what she wanted and doesn't wanted from others. And this frustration ended always in eating "wrong things in the wrong way".

We had success in three points: eating disorder, buying compulsion, and invasive relationship (she starts discriminating more from others). She is a personal trainer in fitness, (her profession). I wanted to share with you, because I think EFT make the big difference, she is doing it like 5 times per day in the minimum. In the morning she is doing CB breathing, she thinks it helps to wake up more centred. I am thinking if it worth to put my name in the referrals, I am so far away...
Your list is helping me a lot, giving me self-confidence, tools, support, holding, etc Thanks,
Hope you can understand my English,
Sorry for the errors,

Sonia Novinsky

© Maria Cocis 2001

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     2. Eating disorder

Hi Everyone,

Sonia Novinsky provides impressive examples for us in (1) persistence, (2) being a detective to find core issues and (3) addressing numerous aspects and tail enders. As you can tell from her message, English is not her first language. Usually I "clean up" messages like this so they can be more easily read by this English speaking audience.

But I left this one alone.

That's because there's a "message within the message" here and the broken English is part of it. Between the lines is written Sonia's love and diligence for her client. She is applying this strange and bizarre procedure, which she learned from English books and tapes, to an eating disorder--one of the most difficult ailments around, even for these procedures. This takes real dedication which you can hear in Sonia's message.

Hugs, Gary


By Sonia Novinsky

Hi Gary,

A long time I am trying to write to you, but I am very busy with some academic tasks, I am doing some examinations for a PHD. But I am still working a lot with EFT. And I want to share an experience with a woman in her thirties, suffering since adolescence of eating desorder. She was compulsive, in eating and buying. Her mother has leprosy since my client was a little child. She remembers to see very ugly spots all over her mother's body. Mostly in bed. And the italian grandmother, not very wise, always saying to her: you are a bad girl see the consequences in your mother sickness. She is always overweight . Not to much , but very insatisfied always with her body. And eating without control, chocolat, and candies, etc. When she arrived to the good weight and someone said to her, you are ok, your body is very pretty, or any compliment, she started to fat imediately. She made two lipoaspirations and couldn't stand them. When she

EFT Eating Disorders