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Talking to the spirits

Maria is a well known London - UK medium, with weekly columns on the nation wide Paranormal magazine and Uncommon therapy.
She is specialized in contacts with the deceased person you choose to answer your questions. It can be your relative or a well known personality.

Please tell Maria the name of the person who you want to contact, your name and the questions you have (maximum 6 please). Maria will go in a very deep trance and ask the soul of the past away person to come to speak with her.  She will tell you how that person is looking and feeling and what they answer to your questions. If that person cannot come from different reasons we will contact our benevolent spirit Father Mihai (he specialises in family matters), Nathasa, the spirit of a Russian woman who specialises in love matters, or energy force guidance Ka (he is helping with the health matters – make scans of a body and tell when or how the body become ill; he is also used for financial matters and we advice you that sometimes he can be quite insensitive, abrupt and rude - he will tell you that you are stupid or idiot without consideration for your feelings). You can ask to come whom you want. Some clients called Nostradamus, some Michael Jackson so the world is your oyster. The reading is digital audio recorded and sent to you by email, but if you want a transcript in word format that will be done for an additional fee of £5.

Ask pertinent questions which will help you to improve your life.
Ask your passed away all the questions that remain unanswered.
Ask for your karma.
Ask for the cause of the illness you have and how to deal with it.
Ask for help.
Ask philosophical, technical or scientific questions.
Ask about the life after life.
Ask about meanings, your soul mates from this life and from the other lives.
Ask about your past lives and about your future reincarnations.

Price for a full reading of 6 question is: £30.
If you want to have a phone reading in which Maria is asking your spirit to answer your question and you can interact with the spirit the cost is £50. Maria’s time in trance will be of  maximum 20 minutes.

Have a lovely and fulfilled day,
Maria Cocis MSc, LCCH dip, BSc Psychology

© Maria Cocis 2001



Audio reading with the spirit you choose

Reading in direct - you ask the questions and the spirit is answering through Maria

Talking with dead